Helping you go Solar is what we’re here for

This is How We Do it

Load Assessment

We calculate how much electrical power you use, you need and what we can supply with solar.

System Design

We then size and design a solar system that meets both your needs and your budget


We then install your solar system, solar panels, inverters and batteries and intergrate with your existing power sources.

Site Commisioning

Your solar system is commissioned and end users are trained on how to use and mange the system safely and efficiently.

Post Installation Support & Maintenance

We offer frontline support and maintenance for your system to minimize downtime. Warranties and repairs to your hardware are attended to 24/7 by our support team.






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Who We Are

Get a little sunshine in your life

Roofwalker Solar is a company specializing in turnkey construction of photovoltaic solar plants on a domestic, commercial and large-scale level. Our specialization covers the entire value chain, ranging from project development, construction, financing to operations and maintenance of solar systems. Our expertise focuses on the technical and economical optimization of the solar power plants. Roofwalker Solar is developing a qualified line of international projects in the photovoltaic sector that are available to investors interested in the energy sector.

Development 90%
Design 80%

200 +


110 +

Successful projects

30 +

Solar Technology

15 +

Unique designs


Clients Reviews

We believe Solar is the most affordable energy source on the planet. Using solar energy we can make a easier our life on this earth.